For the season!

Yes, this is a boring-looking web page...


If you live in or around the NH seacoast, and want to play Street Hockey with a bunch of cool people...
That's us.

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Pick-up games for STREET HOCKEY on a really cool outdoor rink in Hampton!
None of us use rollerblades right now, but feel free to bring them and something MIGHT be worked out.

Offsides are LEGAL, hard-checking is NOT, unless you say "hit me hard," not that anyone will for the most part. THIS IS A NON-COMPETITIVE PICKUP LEAGUE.

It's all about fun. NO ATTITUDES.
We been playing for over 12 years now as a group and we are always seeking new players.

Join any time.


From October to May, we play every Saturday at 12:30 PM at the Hardarts Way Rink in Hampton.

During the summer, we play Saturday mornings. Send email for more information on where we play in summer.

Preferred ages: 14-140. EVERYONE is welcome. PLEASE leave bad attitudes at home...!

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                ...or call (603) 944-6792

Hope to see ya soon!